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Welcome to the program for leaders and pastors developed in partnership with the Asbury Theological Seminary and Red Nueva Vida, with which we seek to equip and train bi-vocational lay leaders in planting and multiplying healthy churches around the world.

Certificate Year 01

Church Planting

The program provides the knowledge and tools a pastoral worker needs before and during the church planting process. The content of this course is practical, understandable, and relevant to today's leaders and pastors.

This course offers an overview organized into three blocks - Disciples Training, Church Planting, Bible and Theology - taught using the Adult Interactive Learning method where the student plays a central role in their own learning.

Disciples Training:

  • Biblical foundation of discipleship.

  • Process of making disciples.

  • Challenges of the work of making disciples.

  • Identification of new workers.

Church Planting:

  • Multiplication principles.

  • The context.

  • Prayer plan and its execution.

  • People of peace.

  • Organization of a worship service.

  • Biblical perspective on money.

  • Models of ministerial support.

Bible and Theology:

  • OT and NT overview.

  • Reading, interpretation and application of the Bible.

  • The history of the Bible.

  • Who is God and what does he expect of us.

  • Participation in the work of God.